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No home should go without heat during the chillier months of autumn and winter. A cozy environment promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Whether it's enjoying a good book, having a meal with family or simply winding down after a long day, a comfortably heated home lets you live your best life. 

Keeping your home warm is not only a matter of physical comfort, however, but also one of health and well-being. Cold and damp conditions can exacerbate health issues such as asthma, arthritis, and other respiratory problems. A well-heated home helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can inflict damage on your property and potentially lead to serious health complications.

The bottom line: You should not always resort to more blankets or an extra layer of clothing. Heating your home is an important investment, and you and your family deserve to live in comfort. Our heating and furnace services in Westfield, MA, make staying warm easy. From heat pumps to ductless systems, our certified technicians at A Plus HVAC are familiar with all popular home-heating methods and can handle everything from maintenance and repairs to replacements and new installations. We always give 110% and believe that “A+” is the only acceptable grade, so you can expect a job well done the first time.

If you need help with your home’s heating system, do not hesitate to request service by calling (413) 344-2691 or contacting us online!

    "Outstanding Work"

    As a retired teacher I can say you have to give the extra effort to deserve an A+ from the office personnel to the technicians these people do.

    - Marie B.
    "Excellent Service"

    Very informative, easy to talk with, and knowledgeable.

    - Barbara N.
    "Very Personable"

    Post service he explained the condition of the system and what to do to extend the longevity of our AC unit.

    - Daniel F.
    "knowledgeable & Friendly"

    He explained what the problem was and repaired it.

    - Juan G.

What We Can Do for Your Home’s Heating in Westfield, MA

If you are having issues with whatever heats your home, turn to our responsive team at A Plus HVAC. When you give us a call, we will schedule service and dispatch a knowledgeable technician to your home. Our experts know that “on time” is late, so you can expect us to get there when we say we will. Then, we will carefully assess the problem you are experiencing and work to quickly diagnose what is wrong. In some cases, a simple repair may be all that is needed, while in others, it may be time for a total replacement. We will be upfront and honest when discussing the size of the problem and what solutions can fix it. 

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Our team is here to provide you with straight-A solutions for all your HVAC and electrical needs.

Our Heating and Furnace Services in Westfield, Ma, Include Professional Assistance With:

  • Boilers. Boilers work by heating water, creating steam, and then distributing this heat throughout the home via radiators, baseboard heaters, or underfloor heating systems. As the steam cools down, it condenses back into water and returns to the boiler to be reheated, making the process highly efficient. This type of heating system can provide a comfortable, evenly distributed warmth throughout the home. While boilers are known for their efficiency and reliability, like any appliance, they can encounter issues that require maintenance or repair. One common problem is a lack of heat or hot water, which could be due to issues with the thermostat or low water levels. Additionally, boilers can become noisy, with sounds such as whistling, gurgling, or banging indicating potential problems like air in the system or a faulty pump. Leaks and drips are also common boiler issues, often resulting from a broken internal component such as a pressure valve or pump seal. Boilers may even experience a loss of pressure, which could be due to a water leak in the system or a faulty pressure relief valve. Regular maintenance can help prevent these issues and ensure the boiler operates efficiently and safely. Our technicians can help maintain and repair all types of boilers, including Firetube and Watertube models, as well as assist with new installations and replacements. 
  • Ductless Systems. Just as the name implies, ductless systems do not require ductwork to distribute heat throughout the home. Instead, they consist of an outdoor compressor/condenser and indoor air-handling units. The outdoor unit extracts heat from the environment and compresses it to a higher temperature and pressure. This heat is then transferred via refrigerant lines to the indoor units, which distribute it throughout the home. Each indoor unit operates independently, allowing for room-by-room temperature control. This provides significant energy savings as you can heat only the rooms you're using, rather than the entire home. Ductless systems are not only efficient but also provide flexible installation options, as their indoor units can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or floor-standing. They are an ideal solution for homes without existing ductwork or for additions where extending ductwork may not be feasible. If your ductless system suffers a decrease in heating efficiency, you may be looking at a refrigerant leak or a malfunctioning outdoor unit. If the system is not producing enough heat, it could be due to a dirty or clogged air filter, which restricts airflow and reduces the system's heating capacity. Regular cleaning or replacement of filters can mitigate this problem.
  • Gas Furnaces. Gas furnaces leverage the heat generated from natural gas combustion. The process begins when the thermostat signals the furnace that the home's temperature has dipped below the desired level. In response, the gas valve opens and ignites the burner located in the combustion chamber. This combustion produces heat which is then transferred to air within the furnace. A blower fan circulates this warmed air through the home's ductwork and into individual rooms. As the air cools, it returns to the furnace via return ducts and registers, where it is reheated and sent back out. This cycle continues until the desired temperature is reached. We can address whatever issues your gas furnace may be experiencing, or we can help you install a new, energy-efficient unit that is right-sized for your home. 
  • Heat Pumps. Heat pumps move heat from one location to another rather than generating it directly like gas furnaces or boilers. During the colder months, a heat pump extracts heat from the outside air or ground and transfers it indoors. Most heat pumps also offer cooling capabilities by reversing this process, making them a year-round climate solution. Our team can assist you with geothermal, water source, and air-to-air heat pumps. 
  • Oil Furnaces. Operating on a similar principle as a gas furnace, an oil furnace uses oil instead of gas as its fuel. When the thermostat signals a drop in the home temperature below the desired level, the oil furnace springs into action. The oil pump draws heating oil from the storage tank and delivers it to the burner. There, it mixes with air and is atomized by the burner nozzle, creating a fine spray. This spray is then ignited by an electric spark, resulting in a controlled flame. The heat from this combustion process is used to warm up the air in the furnace. A fan or blower inside the furnace then circulates this warmed air through the ductwork, distributing it to various rooms within the home. While known for their durability and longevity, oil furnaces require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure efficient operation, as the combustion process can result in soot and other residues that can block the system if not regularly removed. Our heating and furnace services in Westfield, MA, include help with oil deliveries as well as upgrades to more energy-efficient oil furnace models. 
  • Radiant Floors. Radiant floor heating is an innovative solution that provides warmth from the ground up. It works on the principle of thermal radiation, emitting heat directly from a heated surface — in this case, the floor. The process begins with the installation of a system of pipes or electric coils beneath the floor surface. In a hydronic radiant floor system (the most common and energy-efficient type), warm water flows through these pipes, resulting in the generation of heat that rises into the room. On the other hand, electric radiant floors incorporate electric cables built into the floor, and heat is generated when electricity flows through these cables. The heat thus generated radiates upward from the floor, warming the objects and people in the room directly. We are prepared to help you determine whether this heating approach is right for your home and can handle all aspects of the installation. 

Looking to upgrade your home’s heating system? Call (413) 344-2691 or contact us online to start exploring your options!

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